Ice Conditions, Weather Reports, and More!

  • Kayak Sale!

    Kayak Sale!

  • Summer Fishing

    Summer Fishing

  • 2 Days Left

    2 Days Left

    There are 2 full days left to fish out this season. Windy, white out conditions hampered fishing activities today to say the least. The little bit of snow we did get in the last 24hrs has caused drifting off the Days River Landing. Enough to make travel at that access suck at best. The biggest…

  • Saturday Night

    Saturday Night

    We’re wrapping up the Little Bay de Noc walleye season with excellent ice conditions on the Upper Bay and the weather could not be better. The bite? Not bad for all the angling pressure. There are a lot of anglers having a great time camping out on the ice this weekend. It’s literally like a…

  • Upper Bay Ok?

    Upper Bay Ok?

    All right, let’s clear up the previous days mishaps…as we had two sleds go in the drink south of Escanaba. Both got out without injury. Except in the wallet, because of recovery cost and replacement of lost gear. That ice South of Escanaba will continue to be sketchy the rest of the season. The Delta…

  • So Many Fish!

    So Many Fish!

    It’s Monday and the countdown continues with just a little over a week left in the walleye season on Little Bay de Noc. Wow, if you missed this last weekend, you’ve got one more chance. I’m not saying that every angler hammered fish, but a lot of fish were caught. Especially big walleyes. You have…

  • Sloppy Slush On The Way

    As much as I like to get a Thursday report out, I think everybody that was coming this weekend already decided yesterday. There are so many anglers out on Little Bay de Noc this weekend searching for those Walleyes. That increase in pressure may have an effect on the bite. There’s a lot of fish…

  • 2 Weeks Left

    2 Weeks Left

    The storm that passed through Monday dropped about 5”s of snow on the Bay. Todays 43° and sunshine all day took some of that snow away. We’ll dip down below freezing every night for the first week of March. What? Only 15 days of walleye season left! You better get out there. We haven’t seen…

  • Big Fish A Bittin!

    Big Fish A Bittin!

    It was another incredible weekend on Little Bay de Noc. The bite has been more than fine. Fish are being caught every day with a few ups and downs as bite times haven’t been the typical morning and evening bite. Reports of Sporadically feeding fish with a solid late morning and afternoon snack have also…