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  • Kayak Sale!

    Kayak Sale!

  • 2 Days Left

    2 Days Left

    There are 2 full days left to fish out this season. Windy, white out conditions hampered fishing activities today to say the least. The little bit of snow we did get in the last 24hrs has caused drifting off the Days River Landing. Enough to make travel at that access suck at best. The biggest…

  • Stay Away From Garth Point

    Stay Away From Garth Point

    The ice is tight and the temperature are down to the mid teens tonight before the warmer forecasts takes over tomorrow and continue the next few days. There is considerably less slush after the last two cool nights. Big Eyes are pushing into the shallows to feed and an abundance of fish are cruising the…

  • Yellow Gate Opens

    Yellow Gate Opens

    December 16, 2022 The Days River Landing Yellow gate is now open! Ice is firming up good tonight. I will be out with the spud bar in the morning. Get ready, this is going to happen fast! With fishable ice on the horizon be sure to gear up at Blade’s Bait & Tackle. We have…

  • Slush be gone.

    Bye bye slush! That’s all froze up now. This cold weather is really making us some ice! There’s a lotta talk about when trucks will venture out. Some people think this weekend. Others think maybe even by Wednesday. Soon either way I’m sure. I’m curious to see how much ice this cold snap has made.…

  • March 13th 2021

    March 13th 2021

    Heed the warnings and know where your going. Too many bad spots to report. Use caution. Increasing your odds, -Blade

  • February 23rd 2021

    February 23rd 2021

    Temps made it to 46° today on Little Bay de Noc. I had to check the calendar. Seems like March already. Red and Cedar joined me checking travel conditions on the upper bay today in the Jeep. Moving about out the Days River landing is easy travel at this time. Snow is a bit deeper…