Stuck On The Bay

The conditions for fishing the Bay over the weekend were excellent, based on the weather. Conditions for travel? ATV’s, UTV’s and snowmobiles are the preferred way to travel unless your prepared. If you want to truck on out a really good set of tires and a shovel are essential. If you have less-than-new treads or highway tires and are stuck without a shovel and need help you might wanna have some cash. Good Samaritans that give up their fishing time and abuse their equipment to help you out should be offered a courtesy. Just a thought. I’m an outfitter with a busy schedule to run but like to help when I can. Its what I’ve signed up for.
There have been plenty of fish caught. Undersize Walleye provided action. Perch, if you can figure ‘em out, are good sized. Reports of Big eyes and Pike landed have been numerous. This weeks forecast of mild conditions will make it easy to fish hard. That’s how you’re gonna get ‘em. When the wind dies down a bit like it has, evenings at basecamp can be quite pleasant.

Increasing your odds