March 3rd, 2024

Ice continues to support a few anglers still fishing the Noc. Beside the deteriorating ice conditions was the wind today. Blowing without pause across the slickest ice possible. Keeping your feet under you going after a tip up was a challenge even with cleats. Tonight‘s forecasted temperature doesn’t get below 40° and ice will start to honeycomb sometime this week. There’s not a landing you’re going to get very far on except for the Kipling Launch or a private access. Tonights picture is of the biggest walleye caught by any angler we had the privilege to outfit this season. This is Mike Bickler’s first time on the Noc with a group of experienced anglers that have been overnighting with Blade’s Bait & Tackle since we started. Nice fish Dirk!!!

13.31 lbs

Increasing your odds,







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