January 31st, 2024

January 31st, 2024
Ok, we’ve monitored this sketchy ice the entire hard water season. Drilling more holes to check ice this past week than in a typical season. Every day plus or minus in thickness. Ice firms up, then gets spongy, then firm up again. But not for long. Today I took a group off the ice after a couple nights in one of our ASST Drop Down Wagons out on Center Reef. I’m glad their stay concluded today. After today’s brilliant sunshine and the temperature attaining 40° plus, the ice is kaput for machine travel. There are just too many soft spots. I came upon a small spot with 3 1/2” of ice under slush out in the middle of the Bay. It was surrounded by 6-8” of ice. The forecasted overnight lows should freeze up decent over the weekend. We’ll see if it’s enough. Lotta ice out there though, just might be a bit before we’re running machines again.
Tonight’s picture of my daughter Brooke fishing in the Gulf of Mexico. At least we’re colder than that day. Happy Birthday Trout!

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