January 27, 2024

January 27, 2024
Let’s start off with the ice conditions. We’ve lost maybe a half an inch. I’m still finding 5 to 9” on Upper Little Bay de Noc North of Gladstone. We had a high of 42° today and the sun popped out for a bit. There’s water on the ice and the remnants of any snow is close to gone. Traveling out the Days River Landing was wet. Out off to the left towards Garth Point you can see what looks like a modified pop-up camper with hard sides that’s sinking through the ice. When traveling on the ice, I noticed it doesn’t crack or spiderweb out, a good indication that ice is getting soft. After stopping in to check on our overnight guests this evening, I made my way down the Bay until I got to where I typically cross the heave. As I approached, I noticed a few people positioned around with their machine lights on. I assumed they were shining their lights for others, letting them know where to cross. Nope! A huge gaping hole has formed there in the ice. One Gentleman recognized me right away and said, “ Hey Blade, I just sent you a picture of the situation!” We all started knocking down chunks of ice from the heave to position them around the opening in the ice. Thank you for thinking of others and helping identify sketchy places on the bay. All that information is compiled and verified to help make my ice reports as accurate as possible to keep everyone as safe as possible. Which is funny, because I got a voicemail message last night wondering if I tell people the ice is safe to sell more bait…
On a side note, other than ice and weather, it’s always fun to share things that give us a chuckle around the shop. First though, I’d like to reiterate that We Do Not Have The Capability To Provide You With Fishing Licenses or ORV Stickers!! For 4 years we have been on a list, but the State of Michigan has been unable to supply us with the machine to do so. I bring this up, because in the middle of our rather chaotic morning of slinging minnows, a gentleman was beside himself that he would have to go 2 miles down the road to Holiday to get an ORV sticker. He pouted a little bit, then looked like he was gonna have a hissy fit. I said that’s really bothering you, Isn’t it? You should write a letter to the state of Michigan and tell them about it. My good friend Marty always had an expression for people like that. He’d say, “ That guys a Dink, Why…because they’re not big enough to be a Prick.”
The photo tonight is of the area that once WAS a good crossing through the heave and the crew of ice engineers blocking it the best they can.

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