January 25, 2024

Day three of the warm up sent the mercury above 32° today. Yet, ice is holding up real good as anticipated. Maintaining its integrity, ice varies in thickness between 5 to 10”. The ice that’s beneath the little snow thats left on the Bay, is good black ice of 5-6” thick. The once slushy and refrozen area are usually 8 to 10”thick. There’s not much water or slop on the top of the ice either yet. All the landings are holding up but there’s some water on the ice. And of course the heave off the Kipling Landing is still there, but it’s passable in several areas.
Weather predictions have ratcheted down the overnight temperatures a few degrees starting on Monday. We’ll take it! Walleye, perch, and pike have all been feeding. Not just morning and evening feasts either. Anglers have enjoyed really good action with an 11am – 2pm bite too. 
This is gonna be an excellent weekend to be on Little Bay de Noc.
The last few days I have encountered a bunch of Coors Light and Busch Light cans scattered and windblown all the way from First to Second Reef. Carelessness and disregard for our playground will not be tolerated. The clues have been mounting and we know who you are. Oh..And Thanks for putting your name on your tip up that was left behind in a drunken stupor.

Increasing your odds,






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