January 23, 2024

After monitoring ice thickening over the last week and half I have navigated a safe ice route for the side by side. Starting out the Days River Access down through the bay and back off at The Kipling Landing. The next week and a half as temperatures warm during the daytime and freeze at night, we’ll be checking for any loss of ice. Today is the first day in a while we got above 32°. So far so good and I didn’t find any ice under 5”, even under the snow. The thickest ice I measured was just over 11”.
The forecast is calling for at least a week of above freezing daily temps. and some nights barely getting below freezing. On a positive note, even though we will be having warmer temperatures, it’s supposed to be overcast so the sun won’t be eating away the ice from above. Tonight‘s picture is of one of those somber, sunless days on the Bay.  Embrace it. Stretches like this are usually good fishing. 

Increasing your odds,






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