January 24, 2024

Day two of the warm-up and we’re just a hair over 32°. The prediction was 36° and fortunately I don’t think we made it there. Now would be a great time for the extended forecast to be off by 5°.
The ice is holding up extremely well and I think it’ll be good for the next 7 Days. I measured 5-10” of ice across Upper Little Bay de Noc.
Our picture tonight is from Michael, our CFS at Blade’s Bait & Tackle. This is Michael ‘s gal Hailey with a beautiful Walleye! If your woman out fishes you it’s a good indication of the angler you are. I don’t make any bones about it, Lacy typically will catch more fish than I do when we go. And she never fished before we met. Well done Hailey…& Michael too for putting her on them!
With no truck travel and a slight warm up, this is the time to be here. I can attest that the fishing is at its best!

Increasing your odds,






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