January 20th, 2024

It’s Saturday today and the Noc has started to come alive. Anglers from near and far have made the pilgrimage in pursuit of what’s known as Yooper Gold. Walleye are in abundance and are probably the most sought after. But don’t overlook the Jumbo Perch and Northern Pike. There’s an excellent opportunity on Little Bay de Noc to coax a trophy of any of these species through the ice. This afternoon “Mrs. Blade“, aka Lacy, joined me to check the ice just before sunset. She took some pictures and guessed the ice thickness based on how quickly I’d bore a hole with the Jiffy Scout. We found 5-10”s across Upper Bay. Not far North of the Kipling Landing, a pressure heave that started out a few inches high has raised to a few feet. We have been chipping away daily, if not hourly, to keep it passable. Anglers have been crossing in several areas, but always use caution.
Lacy captured me taking a spud bar to a crossing.

Increasing your odds,






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