January 19th 2024

Starting out the Days River Landing this afternoon, I thought I’d focus my efforts on the snow drifts. I initially found 6-10” of ice, so the last few cold days have definitely made a difference. Under that snow is still a nasty situation though. There is a big drift that’s 50 yards in diameter about a half mile out from the Days River Landing that has only 3”s of ice underneath the snow. The drift itself is around 8” deep. Snow drifts less deep, with 3 to 4 inches of snow, had 5 to 6 inches of ice under them. Make sure to check the ice beneath snow drifts you encounter or navigate around them.
An increased number of Anglers have made their way to The bay and are making their way around on snowmobiles and wheelers. Most are having success bagging Walleyes and we’ve heard of some real nice sized Perch being caught too.
The last couple days I have had the pleasure of helping Dale and Tabitha. Taking advantage of our shuttle service, I have simply assisted them by shuttling them and their gear out onto the Bay and back off again safely. And they did their part too. Nice fish Tabitha!

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