Gray Day On The Bay

Wow! Talk about action around the Bay today. Let’s start with some of the unfortunate events. Today some anglers got themselves into a pickle and put their machines in the drink. A quad and Snow Dog by Gladstone and a quad way south by No See Um. Which is actually Green Bay, not Little Bay de Noc. By all accounts thus far, all anglers fortunately have made it out of their situation alive. I think anybody watching social media blow up with warnings and caution about Little Bay de Noc ice should understand some facts. The location these anglers took machines are places they should never be with machines. No matter how cold it gets, no matter how much ice forms in other areas on the bay, nobody should ever never, ever never , ever never ever go there with a machine! No matter what. Period!!! Got it? I don’t think we can be more clear in the shop about ice south of the narrows. It can be dangerous and you should use extreme caution every single time you set foot out there. There’s two reasons I don’t report South of the Narrows of Gladstone. Probably most importantly is out of respect for local anglers. I recognize it as a local fishing sanctuary. If anglers from afar want to come here and check out the Noc and its bounties south, go for it! Just don’t ask us about it. It is at your own risk and we recommend picks & spud bars!! Secondly, It’s a day by day situation. I’d never be able to competently check such a large area of ice that changes by the minute. With all the mistakes anglers have made today on Little Bay de Noc, there’s a lot of chatter regarding the recent Delta County Sheriff’s Departments warning about being on the ice. It’s a vague warning as it indicates no angler should be out on the ice anywhere on Little Bay de Noc. And it’s exactly what they are required and expected to do. The sheriffs department and rescue certainly don’t have time to check ice conditions, but they have had more than enough incidents of anglers needing assistance. Anglers should consider the strain they put on our community and first responders with their carelessness. Consider being charitable in a big way the next time you get a chance for those that helped you. 

Moving on….The ice on Little Bay de Noc north of the narrows of Gladstone has anywhere from 3”- 11” inches of ice. more commonly found is 5 to 8”. The forecasted overnight low temperatures between now and Friday will make for even better ice conditions for next weekend. Until then, and for this week, I’ll be perched off the Days River Landing to fish and see if the camper that’s sinking, not far from Garth point at the top of the Bay, falls the rest of the way through the ice. I’m thinking ice conditions weren’t checked prior to that move.   

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