Below Zero, Making Ice

We’re doing better now, but the ice is not as good as I expected it would be today. We have 4 to 6 inches of ice across Little Bay de Noc north of the narrows of Gladstone. It’s a little thicker toward the top of the bay, where I found 5-7”.
Now for the bad news… Underneath those 4-8” Snow Drifts on Upper Little Bay there’s some sketchy areas of only 2 to 3 inches of soft ice.. I’m pretty sure at this point a snowmobile or a snow dog could scoot across da Bay without a problem, but the weight of a quad or side by side with tires could get a Fella into trouble. Tracks definitely help to distributed weight creating less pounds per square inch compared to tires.
It’s forecasted to be -8° tomorrow morning at sunrise. Temperatures below zero should help those snow covered spots make better ice.
My picture tonight is one of those drifted areas not far out the Days River Landing. Under that snow is about a 1/4” of ice then 3-4 inches of water sitting on softer ice.

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