Beautiful Bay Night

February 6th, 2024
After yesterday’s warm up, ice did firm up overnight for this mornings ice travel. Our afternoon temperatures crept just above 32° and we didn’t have any change in ice conditions. Overcast skies today helped maintain good ice and it’s good thing. The next three days will reach 40’s and Wednesday night it doesn’t look like we’re getting below freezing. Here is what I’ve observed about ice conditions on The Bay. The dark black ice is 6 1/2” thick, the gray ice is 8” thick and the white ice is about 11” thick. All ice has the base layer of hard 6 1/2”. Pile on a little snow and freeze it, that’s the gray ice. Add a couple more inches of slush to freeze on top of that and it’s white in color,
Tonights picture is at the heave not far out from the First Yellow Gate Access, looking north towards the Rapid River. There’s an excellent spot to cross just south of me to access the entire upper Bay. The Reefs, Center, the Mud flats and all along the east side of the Bay.

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