Beginning Of The End?

As of today Sunday the 25th of February, Little Bay de Noc north of Gladstone has good ice averaging 8-10”. The  Kipling Public Launch has held up very well. The shallow water at the 1st yellow gate and Days River Landings are certain to be compromised with the upcoming forecast. Temperatures of 50° multiple days is sure to take its toll.  Overnight temperatures below freezing will help,  but machine travel on the Bay could change fast. Anglers are still getting past the pressure crack out the Kipling launch. I guess we’ll see if 8-10” of ice at this time of year can stay in tact through mid March. Unfortunately, it’s been decided to cancel this week’s overnight reservations. Possibly the rest of the season. That doesn’t mean we can’t ice fish. It just means we’re not going to be camping out on the ice with 1200 lb trailers and a bunch of gear. Without any outfitting this week it’ll give me plenty of time to keep tabs on ice conditions. Fish hard while it lasts! 

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