Windy Winter Wonderland

I Started moving snow around The Shop this morning at about 4:30. I couldn’t help but think, ”Jeepers, this must be piling up on the Bay. It’s pretty calm out. “Wish we had more ice. “ It was 11° at 5:30 and the wind started to whip. I never did make it out of the shop today. It’s Christmas time and we’re real busy. I know what you all are getting! Sometime tomorrow I’m gonna check conditions myself. But, I’ve heard that ice is still looking pretty good out there and the bite has been turning on again after a little lull on Wednesday. If your having luck out there and want to share it with us, share below or send it to us at I’d love to include your hard water action on our website in Blade’s Live Well. Here’s a nice haul for a friend of Blade’s Bait & Tackle. Thanks for the picture Garrett!

Increasing your odds,