Windy And Warm

Well we were spared the snow of this storm, but we sure got the winds on the backside of it. These warm temperatures have created a few areas of slush now, but because we haven’t had much snow it’s really not deep enough for anything to get stuck. Most of the water on the ice is pushing up through the cracks, which means water is flowing and winds are blowing. And the walleye should be on fire! All conditions are conducive for a good bite. Ice is holding up really well and there are no problems on any landings yet. The next couple days are warm but we’ve got 14° forecasted overnight Friday and Saturday. Trucks and campers are running around on the Upper Bay along with side-by-side’s, snowmobile‘s and quads. I’m sure next week as these temps stay warm we might see a few less trucks. 
How about a fish pic tonight? Our very own hard-working angler Michael Stier with a 40”ish Pike he caught today. Not his personal best and back in the water she went. 

Increasing your odds,