Wet, Windy and Warm

Everything I said yesterday about wind and weather conditions for today has come to fruition. We got about 5 inches of heavy snow too. This morning the wind blew out of the north, then after a brief moment of calm, switched to blow from the south. Of course it did. What would Little Bay de Noc be without these 15 mph winds and 30 mph gusts. The high for tomorrow is just after midnight tonight and temps will drop from then to the low of 5 tomorrow night. We will see how that effects the travel on the Bay as I found a few pockets of slush later this afternoon. I’ll know more tomorrow when I pull a couple groups of anglers out onto the Bay in our drop down covered wagons. I found some spots on the East side of the Bay that could cause trouble for a quad or a truck not anticipating it. You know how dumbfounded you can be when your buried past the boards. Didn’t see it coming…? These harsh conditions can be rough on equipment. I lost a bogie wheel on one of Mr B.A’s tracks today. Because of that, the later part of my day on the bay was in our Jeep. The picture today was captured during that brief calm moment this morning as of one of our guests was pulling their tip ups for a move. Thanks for the smile Rick!

Increasing your odds,