Wet Sloppy Slush

Getting around the Bay today was pretty effortless…if you don’t mind getting wet. Today’s low temperature didn’t get anywhere near the freezing mark and won’t until at least midnight Friday night or into Saturday morning. Conditions I’m sure will worsen, but the ice is holding up pretty good so far. I measured 5 1/2 to 8 1/2 inches of ice throughout the bay north of Gladstone. Most of the landings are gonna get pretty rough. Half a dozen or more have fell victim to the Kipling  Public Landing, as snowmobile‘s, ATV’s and UTV’s needed help out from the edge going onto the ice. This is actually an awful place at the landing. I’m sure there’s a good reason they block off the boat ramp as an access with big Concrete barricades, though I just can’t  comprehend what that reason could possibly be. Though I’ve never asked, I’m sure I’m about to find out after this post. The bite went from on fire to very steady. Anglers continue to harvest limits of walleyes and are catching really nice size perch. 

The picture today is this morning just after sunrise at the Kipling Launch.  Vehicles filled the Days River parking lot along with a fair number on both sides of the roadway.

Increasing your odds,