Upper Bay Ok?

All right, let’s clear up the previous days mishaps…as we had two sleds go in the drink south of Escanaba. Both got out without injury. Except in the wallet, because of recovery cost and replacement of lost gear. That ice South of Escanaba will continue to be sketchy the rest of the season. The Delta County Sheriffs Department have reported that ice conditions on Little Bay de Noc are unsafe for fishing. To elaborate, that is true if you’re talking about by through the narrows of Gladstone(by Saunders & Hunters Point) or South of Escanaba and past the Ford River and south where it turns into Green Bay. The head of the Bay, from the Days River Landing to the Kipling Landing and across to the east side and up past the Vagabond, is all fishable ice. Average ice is 15 inches on the Upper Bay. Over on the east side in the shallows, I measured 8” of ice. Across the Bay in the west side I measured up to 17” of ice. As always, use caution because no ice is safe!
We hope to see you for the last weekend of this Hardwater Season. Everything is in an anglers favor to hook up with huge Walleyes right now.
I captured a nice sunrise this morning setting up for a couple groups of anglers arriving tomorrow. Hope you enjoy. 

Increasing your odds,

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