Two In The Drink

Warm conditions have deteriorated the ice considerably. On a late afternoon ice check what was 5-8 1/2 inches of ice is now a couple of inches less everywhere from the Kipling boat launch all the way up to the Days River access. An Argo busted through in shallow water off the first yellow gate. Fortunately, they made it out. The second machine to go in the drink was a little heavier, a Can-Am side-by-side on tracks. This spot was a few hundred yards off the shoreline north of the Kipling Boat landing, again in shallow water of about 3 feet. Near this spot, ice was 4-6”.  I’m pretty sure snowmobiles, ATVs and side-by-side‘s took this route many times over the last week and a half. I know I have in the WILcraft. We were aware yesterday that the east side was garbage, now we know the west side has troubled spots too. This would’ve taken anybody by surprise, it really didn’t look any different than any other ice out there. Except it’s only an inch and half thick. Use extreme caution, it’s not getting any colder until Wednesday. The fishing remains really good. With the poor ice conditions, fishing pressure will be minimal and fish will be active.  

Happy New Year’s!
Increasing your odds,