Stay Outta That Area

So here’s the deal. Fishing isn’t as good as first ice but it’s pretty good. And if you can’t get em to bite, I can tell you right now there’s a lot of fish down there. We got about 8 inches of snow and 6-8” of ice out on the Bay.  Everything north of the Narrows by Gladstone is in pretty good condition and not bad traveling if you have studs on your track or chains on your ATV tires. The crack is still there and shows some water. Nothing to be alarmed about just know where it is. Along with first yellow gate if you know nothing about that area, Garth’s point, Butler’s Island, Hunters Point and Saunders… At the shop we’re waiting for somebody that falls in the drink in any of these spots to say, “yeah, you told me not to go over there.” With a fresh blanket of snow and good ice it’s a paradise out there! Minimal slush . Crack photo again tonight. Everybody wants to know what it’s looking like. Its Beautiful.. Fish it!

Increasing your odds,