Solid Ice, Until Its Not

We have 15 mph winds blowing from the north as we dip down below freezing early this Thursday evening. Ice conditions remain pretty good despite the warm up. There is some water on top around shacks, but otherwise smooth ice making travel less bumpy. Still bumpy enough to lose your heater. Cold Front Kenny and I were setting up a shack for some guests coming in today and we saw a buddy heater that fell out of somebody’s sled. We looked around and it seemed like a fresh spill. So I set it upright on the ice and we made the decision to leave it figuring they’d notice it was gone and come back for their heat source. Well, that didn’t work out, the guy that lost the heater reported it and it was gone by the time we came back. If you found the buddy heater on the Bay near 1st and 2nd reef, on the west side of the Bay, bring it to the shop, we know who it belongs to.  I checked ice from the Kipling Landing up to third reef and back and measured about the same as yesterday with 6 to 8 inches of ice. You know, it really doesn’t matter how much ice we get. If you end up in the wrong area, you’re liable to fall in the drink. North of Butler’s Island is one of those notorious spots. It is shallow and if you get a little disoriented or off course down ya go. Stop in the shop, take a look at the map and we can point out dangerous areas on the Bay. 

Increasing your odds,