So Many Fish!

It’s Monday and the countdown continues with just a little over a week left in the walleye season on Little Bay de Noc. Wow, if you missed this last weekend, you’ve got one more chance. I’m not saying that every angler hammered fish, but a lot of fish were caught. Especially big walleyes. You have to put in the time, be in the right spot and fish hard. Sometimes that means looking at a screen wondering, “what the heck do these fish want?” I’ve always thought the more time you can spend out on the ice the better your odds become. Jig hard and focus when you do it. Whimsically dangling a line down the hole seldom gets results. So get some tip ups out and play cribbage when your arm hurts too much from jigging. We had a few wet & heavy inches of snow accumulate out there today. It looks like we’re going to freeze up nicely before the weekend and ice conditions should be exceptional for the end of this season.
Patience was the name of the game for a group of anglers out on an overnight hardwater adventure with Blade’s Bait & Tackle. Hayden and Jayse with their father Chad and his friend Mark woke to the chiming bells of a rattle reel about midnight. Nice work guys. Way to stick it out!

Increasing your odds,