Snow On The Way. Blowing Snow…

There’s 3-6 “ of snow forecasted to fall this evening on the Bay. And of course it’s going to blow like crazy until Saturday afternoon before it calms down a bit. Get ready for this weekends guaranteed bite! Frostbite if your not careful. Saturday temps will drop like a rock and remain down der through Monday morning. Travel on the Bay is great for Snowmobiles, Quads and UTV’s. Trucks are fine too it’s just harder to get out when ya get stuck. The ice thickness is great. We’ll need extensions soon, if not already, in shacks that are situated above the ice. Fishing has been tough for most and steady for those anglers that seem to have dialed in on them. Now THEY are the ones tight lipped.  Keep at it. Fish are down there in great numbers. A rare moment this morning on the Bay as Jeff took the opportunity to do some jiggen outside the shack…..Temporarily. 

Increasing your odds,