Slippery Than Snot

It’s slipperier than snot on a door knob and the winds were 15-20 MPH out of the south on Sunday. I’m not sure what’s worse, warm and slippery or really cold and snowy with that wind. Both have their cons but I prefer the cold blowing snow. Fish are being caught, but the pressure of all these anglers may have made for some finicky fish. On many occasions, Little Bay de Noc can humble avid ice anglers that visit. In turn, it’s a body of water anyone that calls themselves an angler, has the potential to hook a trophy Walleye or Pike. The weather over the next two days looks awful for ice conditions and angling comfort. Rain is forecast to start mid day tomorrow and continuing for the next couple days. It looks like we’ll finally have dropping temps sometime Wednesday. Count on my messy report the next couple days, as I focus on ice thickness, cracks and heaves on the Upper Bay and the accesses to it.
My picture tonight is of some guests I had the privilege of shuttling out onto the ice this weekend. A grandfather and granddaughter meeting up halfway to spend some time together on Little Bay de Noc. 
Thanks Hugh and Jocelyn! 

Increasing your odds,