Saturday February 3rd 2024

This report is in no way intended to contradict the constant radio ads, television spots and public service announcements from the Delta County Sheriffs Department.
But after checking ice conditions at a few landings today, these are the facts for ice anglers wanting up to date and accurate ice reports.
Above the narrows of Gladstone, Little Bay de Noc has excellent ice. It’s solid and becoming more consistent with the recent cold nights. 6 1/2” of ice is the least amount that I found going off the first yellow gate, heading Southward over the Reefs, out across the Mudflats, North towards the Vagabond Resort, over Center Reef, then exiting off of the Days River Landing. I drilled no less than 100 holes today. 12” of ice is the most I found on my loop of the Upper Bay. I was pleased to find that previously measured ice of 3 1/2” and 4” is now 6 1/2” and 7” after just a couple days. Tonight is more of the same with low 20s predicted and it’s just gonna get better. It’s a good thing too cause the forecast says we hit some 40° days this next week. But every night gets us down below 32° to keep the ice firm. Traveling by foot requires cleats. It’s very slippery out der. Snowmobiles will need studs to move good. Wheeled machines are getting around OK without chains for now.
Stop by the shop and we will point out on the map the most recent cracks and heaves. A lot has changed in that regard. Of course we’ve got the heave from early ice off the Kipling Landing. Yesterday a crack then a heave developed off the First Yellow Gate Access. Now, that extends all the way up past the Days River Landing and into the Rapid River. It’s passable, but check it before you do. As ice develops it’s just going to push higher.

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