Rough and Rocky Travel

“Well it’s been rough and rocky travel. But I’m finally standing upright on the ground”

I know Willie’s talking about life’s road not the travel on The Bay the last couple days, but that’s what its been like getting around out there. The single digits the last few overnights has made it like concrete out there. Expect to feel every bump and rut until we soften up after the weekend. Not getting stuck is the upside. You should have no problems getting around.  Fishing will be great as we close in on the end of season. Another nice warm up Sunday will get the rivers flowing good again and keep the bite going. There’s plenty of time to get here and fish Little Bay de Noc at its Hardwater peak! 

It was 4° at sunrise to start this Saturday. We’ll have one more crisp one tomorrow morning. Don’t miss it…it makes you feel alive!! 

Increasing your odds,