Pick Up After Yourselves

The ice is great, the snow is settling, there’s a fair amount of slush, but nothing that’s going to eat you up and keep you from fishing. The crack still runs across the upper Bay and you can punch your foot through it on the very edge, but I’ve been crossing it with Mr. B.A. on tracks. There’s a number of spots where I wouldn’t attempt it and if you travel from the north, you could break through a little and hit that ice heave of 6-9”.  The bite is on the uptick. Let’s hope that continues through the week and into next weekend. I’m sure we’re gonna have quite a few more anglers out there as colder weather sets in and more ice develops. Even though there were fewer anglers out this weekend then last, for a Sunday night, there are many anglers taking advantage of this mild weather and camping out on the Bay. 
On a parting note….Just off the Kipling landing someone decided to pick up camp without picking up after themselves. We have reports the litter bugs had a camo quad, Clam Fish Trap and a blue Clam Flip. If you have any information, the DNR would love to follow up with these 4 Jack Bags!! 

Increasing your odds,