Perfect Conditions

I covered some area on the Upper Bay today. Starting off the Kipling boat landing for a quick inspection, I found it to be a little treacherous. The combination of low water level and the steep incline of the designated ice access can make it difficult. Some Anglers prefer approaching the ice left of the boat ramp offering a more gradual slope to the ice. All the way across the bay and a few hundred yards north of the Narrows I checked ice and found no less than 6”s of ice. As I worked my way up the east coast, I found some broken up ice that has now refrozen 6 to 8 inches thick. There are a few cracks with water seeping out and small heaves developing over on the east side heading north. I made my way all the way north past the Vagabon Landing. I found 7-9 inches all the way across to the Days River Landing. Parking may be a little easier soon too as some angles are parking on the ice. Next it was down to the first yellow gate. Pretty good conditions and machines are heading out from there too. It’s a place to use caution as we have warm-ups in the forecast and with it being a shallower depth of water at this access, it could be of concern. Ice is great though over the majority of Upper Bay. So, great truck traffic is right around the corner. Get out there and fish before that. The bite remains steady. Fish are eating and anglers are too, bagging plenty for the table. Just coming off the full moon one of our guests got this beautiful picture the other night. A post worthy pic for sure. Thanks Paul!

Increasing your odds,