Perfect Conditions

Slush has come about the Bay now that we’ve had a number of anglers out there drilling holes this weekend. The snow has settling down to about 6 inches now. Light machine traffic from the landings out onto the Bay has packed down some pretty nice thorough fairs and traveling about is more than ideal compared to the ice-skating rink of days gone by. The colder weather is going to make for some really nice ice going forward and I think that heave that became a crack, should be passable in the next few days, at least in some spots. Stay tuned on that one. Looking to catch more fish out there? Put in the time and you’ll be rewarded. Michael is a hard working angler that spends as much time on the ice as he has available. An angler on the Gladstone High School Fishing Team and also on Our Team here at Blade’s Bait & Tackle! His first 31” eye for the Hardwater season. 

Increasing your odds,