Perch For Dinner

Well it looks like we’ve got another warm up on the way. This time we’re actually going to stay below freezing at night and hit just above the 32° mark for a little bit each day. I don’t anticipate we are gonna lose any ice with this heat wave. It’s wise to wear those cleats. A thin dusting of snow over the Bay makes the hard drifts and the slick spots all look the same. Some tire and snowmobile tracks in slush from our previous thaw, that have now frozen, have created a bumpy ride in some spots. Go easy or your gear is going to bounce everywhere. Speaking of bouncing gear… Every once in a while an angler gets separated from their gear, who knows how, but it gets out of their hands. This happens, occasionally, whether overlooked and left behind or lost on the rough ride. Typically, when missing items are reported and we put social media messages out, we can help get that valuable gear back into the rightful owners hands. Thanks to those anglers that turn that stuff in.  It’s greatly appreciated! 

The mild temperature should have conditions ideal for pounding walleyes this weekend. And perch too!  A Friend of Blade’s Bait & Tackle, Mason shows his Papa Marv how it’s done. A proud grandfather for sure. Thanks for pic Marv! 

Increasing your odds,