No Fish?

The prolonged snow event is now coming to an end. The last part of the system really got the snow pilling up out on the Bay. . Until late this afternoon it didn’t seem we’d get much. We definitely didn’t get near the forecast of 10-15”s. We’ll end up with about 6”s. You can bet the fresh blanket of snow covering the Bay is going to change as fast as the wind that blows it. I’m sure truck travel is going to get sketchy for awhile.
While out fishing tonight with my granddaughter I said, “Hey Minnie! Watch this guy drive right into that drift and get stuck.” Ooh, Up to the axles…Minnie giggled and asked, “Why’d they do that grandpa?” I said “They just couldn’t see that spot with deep snow. She asked, “why?” I said, “Because the snow falling and the daylight makes it hard to tell where the deeper snow is.” She asked, “How will they get out?” I said “A lot of shoveling.” She said “How come?”….And this nonstop question and answer session went on until we got back to the bait shop. Not the most patient angler, I think Minnie will be a good hole hopper. She gets frustrated and is ready to move on if the fish aren’t moving in.

Increasing your odds,