Nicely Cold

At 5 o’clock this morning I looked at the temperature and it was 8° below zero. I thought, wow this is gonna be tough to get acclimated to! We’ve hardly touched zero this winter. Confronting it head on, I took a ride out on the Bay before sunrise to enjoy the ice pop as the sun came up. I haven’t heard it making ice that good in so long. Ping! It’s crisp out and you can feel the difference in your ride. Everything sounds colder, from your machines mechanicals to the crunch of the tracks on the hard snow. I didn’t take ice measurement today but I’m sure there’s gonna be over a foot of ice by tomorrow. Every once in a while, someone forgets something behind on the ice, and we like to help it and get it back to its rightful owner. In my quest for a frigid looking picture this AM, I found where an angler hustled off and left their catch of three perch behind. I could’ve taken those fish and had a good breakfast, but the Eagles like ‘em too.

Increasing your odds,