Mr. BA Needed A Tug

February 4th, 2024

Ice is holding up well, but the Days River Landing is broke open just before getting on to good ice. I’ve busted through there numerous times every season at some point as ice conditions deteriorate. We dropped Mr. BA in tonight and had to use the winch for its own benefit for the first time. I say we, cuz Mrs. Blade was along for the ride. Lacy wasn’t thrilled, mostly because she had sneakers on. But once we were out, it was all part of the adventure and she was bummed she didn’t snap a picture. Quick shout out to the Friendly Anglers who offered a helping hand! We really appreciate it. Once through the “soft” Days River Landing and on good ice, you’ll find a crack/heave that runs up and down the west side of Upper Little Bay de Noc. It starts in the Rapid River, runs down past the Days River Landing and its mouth, then continues south crossing in front of the 1st Yellow Gate Access. Choose a crossing point wisely and realize there’s a good chance the ice conditions are going to change by the time you return to cross there again. The other heave, farther south off the Kipling Landing, is another navigational nightmare. Besides cracks and heaves to deal with the ice North of the Narrows of Gladstone is 6 1/2” all the way up to 10”. Ice should be good until mid week… and then we’ll see.
It’s always nice to highlight fish caught over the weekend. Especially when it’s an anglers personal best. This is Bylee Tyner and her 8 pounder. Her and her father were visiting the Bay from Rumley, Michigan. Thanks for sharing. Nice fish Brylee!

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