Might Need a Selfie Stick

Last weekend to lay a big eye on the ice this season is upon us. Some crusty slush out on the Bay with the lower temps but that’s not stopping trucks. A half a dozen “Tubers” have been out there all week. Light motorized are staying on top for the most part. Trucks break through and push ahead with ease unless they find a deep spot. That’s usually up north by the Days River landing with the “plowed roads” and all… As I mentioned Lacy and I have had a chance to get out and fish this week after we close. Sometime around 6 this morning Lacy came into the shop. I said, I’m outta here! I’ll try the morning bite today. Payed off nice. Not quite 27” and nobody to work the camera but I made do. That’s as good a selfie as I get.

Increasing your odds,