March 1st, 2024

Blue clear skies let the sun beat on the bay as anglers enjoyed a high of 44° and strong winds out of the south. Imagine that, high winds on the Bay… Overnight temperatures will stiffen the ice for another unseasonably warm day tomorrow.  The Kipling pressure crack actually pushed together and ended up an ok crossing for this morning. That changed throughout the day, and by sundown some ramps were a nice aid getting across.  Anglers are out there enjoying what may be the last weekend of ice fishing Little Bay de Noc this hard water season.  As of this evening around sundown ice conditions deteriorated minimally. Most landings except the Kipling Launch are sketchy.  A few inches to a few feet of water could be between the shoreline and getting on solid ice. The low temperature Saturday night of 29 and then above 32 for two next couple nights is certainly going shut down light machine travel. Walkable ice could be around a bit longer. We’ll know soon! Sunset picture tonight of ice dimpling from the days rays. 

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