March 15th 2021

The hard water walleye season on Little Bay de Noc closes at midnight. This is also the last week Blade’s Bait & Tackle will be open until next season sometime in November. I’m planning to continue an update once a week. Many things will be happening at the bait shop in the off season. Updates will include anything from fish Lacy lands to quality hard water inventory we acquire for next season.
Lacy, Cedar, Red and I want to thank the anglers we’ve met this season from so many places around the midwest and beyond. Thanks to you anglers from below the bridge… especially the one’s that introduced themselves as they entered the bait shop in groups of 3-30. “We’re from Saginaw!” Some of the most incredible, hardcore, dedicated ice anglers I’ve ever met in my life! We’ll have ice waiting here for you when you don’t have it again next year. Thanks to Butter and Ronnie Jo for their support and assistance around the shop. Thank you to Ethan…you’ve done very well. Mastering ice shack assembly at a young age will surely take you far in life. Like everything I do adventurous, it’s always better with friends! Ken, you’ve helped us out at some of the most critical times before we opened and there after. Not many people bring a cold front wherever they go…try to tone it down a bit for our spring Boundary Waters trip! And last but no least, All the Amazing Delta County and surrounding area Yooper Anglers and so many fellow businesses that embraced what we wanted to accomplish this season. Our mission was to be “Open early. Open late. Anytime you want bait!” It’s an indescribable feeling the second day open to have a dozen locals walk back in the store wearing a hoodie with your name on it. Thanks for giving us the confidence to go beyond our mission! It was a pleasure meeting every one of you!
Until heaven freezes over again!

Increasing your odds,


P.S. tired