March 14th 2021

After the 57° Saturday melt off, fishable ice still remains on the upper bay. Some big eyes have been reported. From the mud flats and fingers off center reef up to the top of Little Bay de Noc by Garth Point, fish have been present. Schools of giant walleye are cruising up the flats in route to the rivers. Getting them to bite… that’s another story. Ask anglers who have a Panoptix Livescope. Just watching those big eyes swim by, hopeful they’ll react to whats being offered. Chris from Marquette Michigan figured it out! How bout this 10 pounder. His hook up was during the 10-2 bite. An afternoon delight for sure. Wrapping up the walleye season, Blade’s Bait & Tackle hours are going to change starting tonight. We are closing up shop at 6 o’clock. We will still open in the morning at 5:00am for the last day of walleye season and will be open for the next week or so for panfish anglers and those venturing up to Munising.

Increasing your odds,