Little Too Much Snow

There is 6-8 inches of ice on Little Bay de Noc and all the typical bad spots are bad. At the shop, we decided to inform anglers to avoid the first yellow gate. Another wheeled machine busted through up der off that gate. Butlers Island and the bar/reef off it is like a Venus fly trap swallowing 6 machines in 24 hours. I’m pretty sure most anglers, even those that have recently went in there, know that area is OFF LIMITS. Other than the first yellow gate, the landings look pretty good. Did I mention 10 inches of snow fell today? Not as much slush as you would anticipate, but I’m sure more will develop as anglers pop holes in the ice. Fishing hasn’t been bad. You’ve just got to work for ‘em. Tip-ups and dead sticks seem to be the favorite among the walleyes lately. About halfway through the accumulation of snow this morning, I went up and checked the big crack and took a picture of it. The ice on both sides is really good, just don’t hit that thing hard from either direction. I’m pretty sure as that freezes and drifts in we’ll be crossing it in no time. 

Increasing your odds,