January 9th, 2021

Starting the day with our low for the next 24 hours at 27 degrees…Yikes! Let’s look at the bright side. We’ve got walkable to light motorized traffic on the ice and the fish are still down there. The steady temps and mild weather will make for a comfortable time on the hard water. More time on the ice, more fish. It’s a proven fact. I’m looking forward to fishing reports after the weekend as more anglers are venturing out. The parking lot and both sides of the road by the Days River landing is packed with over 60 trucks and trailers because of the iffy ice conditions. 4-6 inches. Use caution. I’ll be measuring ice this weekend when I get a chance to pop some holes and take an official measurement. You know how the story goes. “I was on 2 inches of ice with a 3 foot walleye…Is really 4-6 inches of ice and a 30” fish. Which is a nice fish. Just a reminder. We limit fish stories to 5 minutes and 35 inches.

Increasing your odds,