Now we’re getting down into temperatures that are making some good ice. Those conditions will continue to improve in the week ahead. Catching fish has been a struggle the last 24 hours. Most of the big marks have been pretty standoffish. Hook ups have primarily been with undersized eyes and perch. There are plenty of fish out there getting hungry. It just comes down to time on the ice, and with the cold temps still above zero, that’s not hard to do. 
Today was the first day out on LBDN with one of our 21’ drop down wagons. Even though it was just a shuttle for a couple anglers and their gear, everything went pretty smoothly. There’s no worry about ice conditions either as these wagons are ready to hit the ice on 5”.  With a very  busy holiday season around the bait shop, I held off on Hard Water Overnights until this next week. All weekends this season are already booked and there are just a couple weekday trips that remain. 

Increasing your odds,