January 26th 2021

Not much to report as my day was spent off the ice. According to anglers this morning, yesterday‘s bite was slow which is right in line with several fishing forecasts I follow. Speaking of those forecasts. The next three days should be a solid bite after a little lull and the end of a moon phase coming. More trophy fish are caught within four days of a full moon than the rest of the phase. A friend of mine said “prove it.” I said, you disprove it, that’s what I’ve heard. Consider keeping a fishing log or download a fishing app so you can track the history and details of your fishing success. This will give you a plethora of valuable information to look back on so you can pattern the best opportunities to catch more fish. I’m back on the bay tomorrow. With Red and Cedar’s help Lacy continues to stock new inventory. 3 pallets just arrived. Lots of new hard water stuff!

Increasing your odds,