January 22nd 2021

Shortly after noon today I took Mr. BA out the Kipling public landing for the first time this season. From the get go is a 4’-5’ open area of water just before getting on the ice. I’ve see worse but just a little bump getting up on the ice. Coming off is no problem. I cut holes along the way towards 3rd reef for a visit with Joe. He had 9” of ice and a few perch. Traveling north up the center of the bay past the Days River and over to Garth’s Point proved to be solid ice. But, not much fishing action. Cold, windy and moving south was the report from anglers on the north end of the bay. As I worked my way down the east coast past the Vagabond a few miles I ventured back west to the Kipling public landing. 6-9 inches of ice overall at this point. Probably be in the 12 inch range be Monday.

Increasing your odds,