January 19, 2021

Ahhh. Now thats more like it. As I pulled the chain on the open sign at 5AM today I see it’s 15 degrees. Also this morning at Blade’s Bait & Tackle…my first waiting customer! This really makes these early hours worth it. Traveling through the night, these anglers hailed from the Travers City, MI area for their first adventure on Little Bay de Noc. Good luck guys! Yesterday was the most time I’ve spent on the bay since last season. I’ve been out checking ice conditions and looking for fish. Light machine traffic is going to get even better with the cold snap this week. Keep in mind with any ice conditions slow travel is always the safest. Barreling across the frozen water at unnecessary speeds creates a wave under the ice and increases the pounds per square inch on the ice. Steady and slow wins this race. Besides that. All your fellow anglers watch, shake their heads and say, “What an idiot”. The bite slowed a bit with the welcomed cold front. Good numbers of small walleyes are being caught but you will have to move around some to find them. The perch bite was reported as being good in deeper water of 30-40 ft. Ice is forming and getting better to the south on the bay. Conditions are certain to improve later this week. We are moving around with our 16′ and 21′ drop down wagons (900 and 1200 lbs) anywhere we have 5 inches or more. Big walleyes are always roaming the bay and need to eat sometime.

Increasing your odds,