Ice Still Holding On

As I’m out checking ice on the Noc, every snow pocket I encounter seems to have slush under it. Landings and shallow areas are breaking up. I was hopeful the Days River Landing was good yet. No such luck as my ice checking partner today John from Lindberg’s Cove Resort and I found out when our tail end dropped in not far after we leafy the shoreline. I hit the gas, spitting mud and slush all over as we surged forward to firm ice. Evidence of others breaking through that shallow area was apparent. The weather forecast isn’t quite cold enough for making better ice. About a week of single digit weather would really help.Last ice season we went from wheeler traffic to truck traffic in less than a week and a half. 
The bite remains incredible as fish continue their first-ice appetite for almost a month now. 
Today’s picture shows the soft spots at the Days River Landing angelers will need to navigate around.

Increasing your odds,