Ice Forming South

The ice on Little Bay de Noc is getting thicker by the minute. We’ve got a solid 9 to 12 inches on the Upper Bay. There is also good ice down past Gladstone and Escanaba and it’s forming pretty good down by the Ford River and even further south too. Take your cleats because there’s no snow on that new ice. The bite is certainly picking up after a little lack of appetite. I’m sure that’s going to continue as many anglers are finding their way out onto this thicker ice that so many have been waiting for. Neighbors and Friends of Blade’s Bait & Tackle Nick and his son Ben, joined me tonight for my final check on our overnight guests that are here from over by Alpena, MI. While I took care of some outfitting obligations around base camp, Nick struck up a conversation with some of our guests about 1990 Chevy Trucks. And who wouldn’t enjoy that. 

Increasing your odds,