How’s The Bite?

What a Day! Those that took to the ice this Monday after Christmas enjoyed a wonderful and memorable day on Little Bay de Noc. There is 6”s of ice for the most part and rock-hard drifted snow. Light machines are starting to head out. Use caution and know the ice your traveling on is safe. Let’s talk about how the fishing has been. We’ve had some ups and downs since first ice. Mostly ups. It’s amazing how many fish are in this body of water. So when they get hungry, it’s really good action. If you haven’t been fishing since later afternoon yesterday through 1 o’clock today as I write this report your missing it. You might want to get out there soon,  because this is how anglers are describing it. 
I’ll do my top five quotes for the day as anglers report in. 

Number 5.     “Hammered em!”
Number 4.     “Slammed ’em!”
Number 3.     “So many flags I didn’t have time to jig!”
Number 2.     “They’ll eat anything!” 

And  the number 1 angler quote of the day, 
   “Piss pounded the snot out of ‘em!”

Todays picture is looking out the Days River Landing. This is where you park when the sides of the road and parking lot is full. Thanks for all the pictures and feedback from so many anglers out there. I’ll get them in Blade’s Live Well on the website as soon as I can.

Also, a huge shout out to everybody who wished us Merry Christmas! We see all your amazing comments…If we could only reply to them all! 🥴 Thank you so much! 

Increasing your odds,