Hard Drifts of January?

The snow has stopped falling and the wind has quit blowing. We’re left with 6” of great ice and hard snow drifts we usually don’t see until January. So, the strong winds didn’t clear the bay as desired. The cold temperatures forecasted over the next couple days should make even more ice, which is good because the warmer temps Wednesday through the beginning of the New Year. this could hamper ice conditions. Slush will be a concern as there are a few pockets already. Mainly near shore lines and landings. Warm ups like this typically create dangerous areas on the bay that should be avoided. 
We shut down the shop this afternoon for awhile so Lacy could take to the ice with me and check some conditions. Thankfully I had her with to push…Our 2 wheel drive WILCraft just made it through the gauntlet of hard drifts of snow hanging up a few times. At 500 lbs it’s pretty easy to lift the front end, spin 180° and retreat. Our picture today is Lacy looking like she’s going to take down a squirrel with that Jiffy Scout. (ice measurement device) 
She’s always ready! 

Increasing your odds,