Hard as a rock

We have excellent ice conditions and are closing in on the 10” mark. Undoubtedly we’ll have a foot by this weekend. Tooling around the bay, I found no slush whatsoever. What I did find is hard drifts across parts of the bay formed by bitter cold southwest winds. Not very deep drifting, just firm.
At one point along the way, just south of the Days River mouth, I saw a Coca-Cola 12 pack box. What possesses someone to leave that on the ice, with their cigarette butts (menthol) in it? And with a Porta-Potty at the Days River Landing, do you really have to do THAT there too?… How about some respect for others on the bay…and a little dignity! Off the Kipling Public Landing, is this mess that everybody’s been watching collapse since Saturday. If anybody would like assistance getting this hub & your garbage & gear off the ice, just let us know down here at Blade’s Bait & Tackle. What an interesting way to save a spot. Actually, hope this anglers safe. Strange…

Increasing your odds,